Arte na Casa (Art at CASA)


Both the Brazilian Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) and the National Socio-Educational Service System (SINASE) ensure that adolescents who comply with socio-educational measures of internment have the right to artistic and cultural activities. Due to this and its trajectory in the defense of human rights, since 2008, Ação Educativa has been carrying out the Arte na Casa project, an initiative that consists in the promotion of artistic workshops in the Fundação Centro de Atendimento Socioeducativo ao Adolescente (Socio-Educational Center for Adolescents Foundation – CASA Foundation) units.

Lines of action

In tune with the institution’s accumulation in the processes of fostering the Peripheral Culture, the project has always aimed at establishing links between the inmates and the cultural movements existing in the urban peripheries – places of origin of the vast majority of these young people.

Through the workshops and presentations of various artistic collectives, the cultural universe is approached from the axes: Visual Arts, Body Arts, Arts of the Word, Performing Arts and Sound Arts. The artistic educators who integrate the team participate in a continuing training on artistic languages, in addition to constructing collectively a pedagogical proposal pertinent to the area of performance.