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There are many ways to contribute to Ação Educativa: through financial donations, by spreading our productions or by supporting us in specific activities.

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  • 1.500 young people in
    training programs.
  • 900,000 textbooks distributed to youth and adult education students.
  • 64,000 participants of activities at our headquarters.
  • 66,000 teachers in professional updating courses.

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Building a fairer and more equitable country, with assured rights to education and culture, depends on people like you. Strengthen the actions of Brazilian civil society for a better Brazil for our young people.

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Because of the combination of technical pedagogical excellence, knowledge production and activism, Ação Educativa has been making concrete changes in the lives of many young people and conquering innovative policies in the areas of education, culture and youth. To sustain this work and support popular groups that are mobilized to improve the lives of their communities, we need your collaboration.

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