Campo Aberto (Open Field)


The Campo Aberto Collection, conceived by Ação Educativa in partnership with Editora Global, highlights the particular way of life of those who live in the countryside, who are also in interaction with the life of the cities.

Lines of action

Our purpose was to create a work appropriate to the context and the universe lived by those who will use this material everyday in the classroom.

Diversity appears as a fundamental element in this collection, as a way of indicating the different ways of life of the many populations of Brazilian countryside: quilombolas, agricultural communities, Amazonian riverside communities, caiçaras, indigenous, in short, all the populations that have particular social organizations, but are in constant interaction with other ways of life.

In order for the diversity and specificities of cultures to gain evidence in a work that is intended to be contextualized, the research assumes a prominent role as a pedagogical work methodology. It is through research that students stop acting only as receivers of knowledge to become producers, in a work that was created in an interdisciplinary perspective. It is composed of materials of Literacy, Portuguese Language, Geography and History; Mathematics and Science; Art; and Cultures and regions of Brazil.