Dia do Graffiti (Graffiti Day)


Artists and urban art activists come together every year to honor the great graffiti pioneer in Brazil, Alex Vallauri, who died in 1987.

Lines of action

This tribute’s date is March 27, defined as Graffiti Day in the city of São Paulo (Law 13,903 / 2004).

For 13 years, the Espaço Cultural Periferia no Centro (Cultural Center Outskirts Downtown) has opened its doors for many collectives and graffiti artists in a great celebration that results in Expo Graffiti, an exhibition conceived by a collective curator, signed by Ação Educativa’s Núcleo de Graffiti, composed of 11 groups that work in the outskirts and also in the central regions of the metropolis.

Every year the walls and murals of the entrance of Ação Educativa’s headquarters receive new colors and images. During the meeting, there are some collaborative interventions, in addition to dozens of works on canvas and other media that make up this huge gallery. The periphery of the city also takes part in the program, which takes a whole week with cultural activities in the most different regions of the city of São Paulo.