Formação em direitos humanos (Training in human rights)


The Human Rights Trainings began in 2012 and have since then started to address different issues in the field of rights, always in dialogue with the Ação Educativa’s agendas.

Lines of action

They are free courses aimed at educators, managers, students, journalists, social movement activists, professionals from non-governmental organizations, researchers and stakeholders.

In this format, we have already conducted training on the right to education; race relations; education and technology; and gender, sexuality and race.

The practice of community organizations, social movements and networks of people and organizations that are articulated in defense of social causes demand from their activists a special type of training, related to the socio-political processes in which their struggles are inserted. Thus, we hope to contribute, by means of training, producing and disseminating knowledge, to the development of actions that guarantee and defend human rights by social activists and public agents.