Gênero e Educação (Gender and Education)


The Gênero e Educação project: By strengthening an agenda for educational policies, it aims to contribute to the strengthening of the gender equality agenda, in articulation with issues of income, race/ethnicity and sexual diversity in education, setting the theme as a central challenge for overcoming educational inequalities and guaranteeing the human right to the education of all.

We start from the diagnosis that the gender agenda is something frail in Brazilian educational policies, suffering retreats in recent years in educational management in various regions of the country.

The project aims to develop a critical balance of the place of the gender agenda in Brazilian educational programs, the broadening of the debate and alliances of civil society in favor of this subject, the constitution and support of spaces for training, communication and exchange among organizations, academic institutions and managers and the construction of a proposal to improve the normative framework regarding gender and sexuality education in educational policies.