Jovens Agentes por Direitos (Young Rights Agents)


Believing that the construction of a quality school, even at the secondary level, is only possible through the mobilization of different groups, mainly teachers and students, Ação Educativa developed from 2007 to 2013 the initiative Jovens Agentes pelo Direito à Educação (Jade) (Young Agents for the Right to Education), which aimed to mobilize teachers and adolescents to identify and build educational proposals linked to the demands and interests of young people.

One of its lines of action consisted in carrying out training processes in which young people discuss the quality of the school, the race and gender inequalities present in society and the challenges related to the labor market and access to higher education.

From the Jade experience, other initiatives of Jovens Agentes por Direitos (Young Rights Agents) have emerged: Jovens Agentes pela Igualdade de Gênero na Escola (JADIG) (Young Agents for Gender Equality at School), which discussed the importance of gender and race debate in education in the perspective of human rights; Jovens Agentes pelo Direito à Segurança Pública (JADIS)(Young Agents for the Right to Public Security), in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, which dealt with the fight against violence against youth, with special attention to the mortality of young black people, carrying out trainings and cultural interventions; and, finally, the #JuventudeComDireitos (#YouthWithRights) initiative, a training cycle focused on youth, educational rights, access to decent work, and gender and race relations.