Mostra de Artes Cênicas Estéticas das Periferias (Peripheral Aesthetics Scenic Arts Exhibition)


Since 2014, the Mostra de Artes Cênicas Estéticas das Periferias takes place at the Espaço Cultural Periferia no Centro (Cultural Center Outskirts Downtown), in Ação Educativa’s headquarters.

Lines of action

Currently in its third edition, the permanent exhibition held 10 shows in its first year, 22 in 2015 and 12 are planned for this year. Together, there are 44 presentations that were attended by about 1,600 people.

The shows are free and curated by dancers, players and actresses who stand out in the outskirts cultural scene. Lucélia Sérgio, from Os Crespos, Gal Martins, from Cia. Sansacroma, and Renato Nascimento, an player recognized for his work in São Paulo’s East area, have already taken part in this work. Shows like “Terra Trêmula” (Trembling Earth), “Cartas a Madame Satã” (Letters to Madam Satan) and “Urubú come carniça e vôa!” (The vulture eats carrion then flies!) have already been presented. The shows take place on the last two Thursdays of every month.