The Nossa Escola Pesquisa Sua Opinião (Nepso) (Our School Surveys Your Opinion) consists of disseminating the use of surveys as a pedagogical tool in public elementary and secondary schools and in youth and adult education (EJA) courses. It is the result of a partnership with Instituto Paulo Montenegro (IPM).

Lines of action

The survey is a powerful tool for educators who want to build a school that produces knowledge about itself, about its community, about interfering in educational phenomena. This type of poll involves the diversity of points of view and the search for explanations through a series of research procedures carried out by means of collective work, proposing pedagogical activities centered on teachers and students as subjects of the educational process.

With national and international poles, the methodology promotes experiences that materialize the principles of content contextualization, integration of subjects, valorization of youth initiative and autonomy, citizenship and participation, creating possibilities for innovation in pedagogical work.