Um outro mundo é possível (Another world is possible)


The changes that have taken place in recent decades in the international scenario, with the emergence of several southern countries in the global dynamics and the challenges of the search for sustainable development in its multiple aspects – social, environmental and economic – bring new challenges for Brazil’s action in the world.

By analyzing and acting on international and national dynamics, with a closer look at the field of education and human rights, the unit “Um Outro Mundo é Possível” intends to discuss Brazil’s development model and its relation with the international context , investigate the impact of the international financial system on education, monitor the influence of international organizations’ actions in the field of education, and comply with international agreements and goals of which Brazil is a signatory.

This project comprises spaces of international civil society articulations, such as the World Social Forum, the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE), the Plataforma Social (Social Platform), the Grupo de Reflexões em Relações Internacionais (GR-RI) (Group of Reflections on International Relations), and the Grupo de Trabalho da Sociedade Civil para a Agenda 2030 (GT SC-2030) (Working Group Civil Society for 2030 Agenda).