Viver, Aprender (Live, Learn)


Viver, Aprender is a collection of books dedicated to Youth and Adult Education (EJA), developed in partnership with Editora Global.

Lines of action

Focused on Literacy, Elementary and Secondary Education, the books bring updated contents according to the indications present in the Programa Nacional do Livro Didático (PNLD) (National Program of Textbooks), defined by the Ministry of Education.

The Literacy volume can be used separately in the classes of Programa Brasil Alfabetizado (PBA) (Literate Brazil Program) and with students from public schools which maintain classes exclusively for the literacy of young people and adults.

Among its goals can be included: to contribute to the development of learning models aimed at autonomous and critical participation in various social practices of language use to act and intervene in public, professional, political and cultural life; to address issues, themes and subjects related to the interests and educational needs of young people and adults and the communities in which they are inserted, seeking to include as those referring to urban contexts as those of rural realities in Brazil; to articulate contents of the various fields of knowledge, with a view to the practical application of the school content.