Young Black Women


The project “Young Black Women Against Racism and Sexism” is part of a national initiative entitled “Strengthened Black Women in the Fight against Racism and Sexism”, which is being jointly implemented by Oxfam Brasil, Criola, Ação Educativa, FASE, IBASE, INESC and Instituto Pólis (all organizations of human rights) in the second half of 2016.

The initiative aims to contribute to the strengthening of groups of young black women in confronting and combating violations of their human rights through the digital platform “Alyne: In defense of black women” and the articulation of co-creation spaces (the hubs) in four cities: São Paulo, Brasília, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. The construction of a national network of black cyber-feminists also emerges as one of the central strategies of the initiative.

Co-creation spaces and the network of cyber-activists will work together to develop communication strategies that challenge racist and sexist narratives with a view to promoting changes in specific public policies affecting the lives of black women and intensifying the promotion of participatory public policies, generating responses regarding violations of the rights and vulnerability of black women in Brazil.